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Mahabharata – Nala Damayanti Soul birds

Composed by EDE TERÉNYI ( in 2009, MAHABHARATA is a monoopera, a very new and interesting gender of opera. The story is based on the metaphoric and initiatic love between Nala and Damayanti, two legendary heroes of the old sutras. During the 42 minutes of the music, the singer is doing the incantation of the true love betwen humans, blessed and confronted with the gods.

The sound is evolving on tree levels: the human voice – CARMEN VASILE - (representing the pure and renewing heart), the orchestra of computer generated sounds – EMIL GHERASIM – (representing the destiny), the indian traditional instruments (representing the connection with the roots).

The visual background is based on photos taken by SZAMÓDI SZOLT during his travel in India and represents the earth and water in different state of spirit.